Our purpose

We are an experienced team of university & college admissions consultants dedicated to building transformative relationships with clients. Inspired by our students’ ambitions, we work tirelessly to grow their confidence, add insight to their decisions, and build skills for their lifelong success.

Students are at the center of our process

Each client brings with them a unique set of skills and talents. By shaping the university application process to each student’s strengths, we build trust to support tough decision-making.

We mediate stress for parents and students

The college admissions process can be fraught with tension, anxiety, and uncertainty. By providing solution-focused answers to complex questions, stress is alleviated on the spot.

Our focus is impactful one-on-one guidance

We provide our clients the right information at the right time with the right support. By offering university admissions counseling tailored to each student and their individual goals, we achieve meaningful outcomes.

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Who we work with

Grade 8 – 10 students

There is no better time than the start of high school to begin exploring your potential education pathway. Students looking towards targeted goals or finding their purpose can excel with concrete strategies.

Grade 11 students

With senior year on the horizon, Grade 11 is the perfect moment to delve into post-secondary opportunities. By working with Palladis, students have time and space to make the right decisions.

Grade 12 students

Now is the time to prepare and submit applications for college and university programs. We guide students through this often stressful period, providing guidance and helping them define success with the right post-secondary program.

Undergraduate students

We help current undergraduate students navigate post-graduation plans and offer mentorship and guidance as they transition into the next step of their lives.

Postgraduate students

Undergraduates and professionals who want to advance their education at the postgraduate level will find a wealth of experience and efficient planning with Palladis’s experts.

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Our Process

The Palladis Admissions values are the heart of our practice.

About Us

We engage in collaboration

We listen to and respect those we work with and collaborate effectively, which shapes how we move forward together.

We value exploration

Curiosity inspires us to find novel solutions and explore the world around us.

We are dedicated to integrity

Openness, honesty, and transparency guide us in every decision we make.

We encourage critical thinking

Asking tough questions about ourselves and the world around us encourages each individual’s search for clarity and meaning.

We believe in the process

Making the right choices at the right time with the right support continually yields the best outcomes.