Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, you will meet remotely with a university admissions expert who will introduce you to Palladis and answer your questions about the college admissions process. This meeting is about you deciding if Palladis is the right fit for your goals.

Next, we offer two options:
Kick-Start Package or Palladis Package.

We recommend this program for clients who are self-motivated and may require less assistance from our team. Perfect for those who need a solid foundation to begin their own journey towards admissions.

The package includes:

Two sessions at the beginning of an admissions cycle. During each of these meetings, clients will connect with a college admissions consultant to discuss:

  • In-depth profile review
  • Competitive essay topics
  • University fit
  • Program requirements
  • Applications launch
  • Targeted time-line
  • Proven admission strategies

Each area reviewed will give clients areas for further self-exploration that extend beyond the basics. After these discussions, clients will have a good starting point from which they can continue the remainder of the admissions process on their own. If further insight is needed, we can create a plan that expands beyond the Kick-Start.

Kick-Start Package

The Palladis Package is recommended for clients who desire comprehensive support and collaboration through 1:1 consultation across the entire admissions cycle. This includes everything offered in the Kick-Start package as well as a series of sessions with a Palladis university consultant, comprehensive strategies that adapt with the evolving plan, and ongoing communication to ensure that the student is supported from start to finish.

The package includes:
  • Targeted amount of 1:1 sessions with a university consultant to build, guide, strategize, inspire, and motivate students towards their academic goals.
  • Sessions include a mix of virtual and in-home visits throughout the admission cycle to meet clients’ specific needs.
  • Hands-on support with supplemental essays, interviews, portfolios, summer programs, competitive scholarship applications, athletic recruitment applications, test prep strategies, and university tour planning to name a few.
  • Access to advice, guidance, and ongoing supervision to ensure deadlines are met in a seamless process.

To learn more about our packages, follow the link below to schedule a consultation.

Palladis Package